FYI: ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ Is Actually Not About a Gay Teen


    FYI: ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ Is Actually Not About a Gay Teen

    The internet was abuzz when the first trailer for the upcoming musical Dear Evan Hansen premiered yesterday, and while most of it was wildly positive, there was also plenty of confusion tossed in there. 

    First things first: one thread of the feedback surrounding the trailer revolved around Ben Platt reprising his role as the titular Hansen. Many pointed to his own age (27) as well as the wig and other alterations the teams made to make him appear more youthful as signs they needed to hang it up and cast someone new. In a now-deleted tweet, Platt responded to those comments. 

    “The film required me to revisit areas of personal pain, so seeing ppl excited & moved makes it so deeply worth it.” he wrote. “PS to the randos being jerks about age, read this great article and/or watch grease.” The article was a Vanity Fair piece where Platt admitted he’s outgrown the role. But Platt tried to do all he could to make himself appear younger and director Stephen Chbosky pointed to his vocal prowess as well as his “understanding of the character.” But another thread of the feedback was centered on confusion.

    “So many people wikipedia-ing Dear Evan Hansen today and so many people finding out it’s not a musical about a gay kid who broke his arm lol,” tweeted Vox writer Alex Abads.