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Big League Baseball and the Voting-Rights Con


Big League Baseball and the Voting-Rights Con

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How to lose the All-Star Game, and whatever else, to the Left.

In 1968, I got the excitement of a nine-year-old life time: The National League brought in my brand-new hero, Jerry Koosman– my cherished Mets’ second-best pitcher– to set out Carl Yastrzemski, ending the All-Star Game with a 1-0 success over the American League. The game was something of a double-play that year, and not in a great way: the very first All-Star Video game used synthetic grass and inside your home, in the mausoleum called Houston’s Astrodome. It was likewise the very first such video game played at night in nearly a quarter-century– when a couple of early All-Star Games were played prior to sporadic crowds and raised money for the war effort.

The video games were thrilling in the ’60s and ’70s, prior to totally free agency and huge money, when the gamers considered themselves as NL or AL guys and severely desired to beat the other league. These were not showcases, they were video games. Just ask Ray Fosse.

Sadly, the Midsummer Classic has actually been anything but a classic for decades, even prior to Bud Selig turned it into utter farce: We have actually gone from 1967, when Hall of Famer Tony Perez’s crowning achievement off Hall-of-Famer Catfish Hunter (then in his 5th inning of work) finally chose the nailbiter in the 15th inning, to 2002, when the “Classic” had to be stopped as a 7-7 tie– yes, a tie!— because the teams lacked players. See, jet-setting stars are now limited to cameo looks. They are already antsy by the end of the Crowning achievement Derby– the Monday night batting-practice exhibit that long ago eclipsed the Tuesday night game. By the 5th inning, a lot of the starters are currently showered and off to the airport.

Which is to say: It has actually been years because I’ve watched the All-Star Game, the can’t- miss event of my youth. When I learned that the woke Left had gotten the woke commissioner to accede to the woke White Home’s instruction that the game be moved out of Atlanta– part of the campaign to slander Georgia’s voting law as racist– it was the very first time I ‘d even heard that the game was set up to be in Atlanta. They might play it on Mars for all I care, or, much better yet, not play it at all.

There is just one thing. I am part of the dying breed that MLB requires: the aging fanatic who loves the game and spends cash on it. So, what have they done? They have actually taken a no-compete phenomenon I ‘d long considering that stopped appreciating, and, by politicizing my break from politics, they have made me not only appreciate it however get bats ** t over it.

I’m too addicted to the love affair I’ve had with baseball for 55 years to say I won’t view it anymore. But I will view considerably less … and I will not spend a thin penny on it.

< div class =" video-wrapper jw-player-container" data-component= "jwplayer" > I’ll just say two more

things. The very first involves exterminating the goose that lays the golden eggs. To repeat what I wrote last summertime, in the context of the woke NBA boycotts that the woke professional athletes of other professional sports were itching to emulate (simply as MLB has followed the NBA into harlotry with that bastion of voting rights, Communist China):

It does not strike today’s professional athletes … that their commercial value depends on offering the rest of us a unifying escape from our personal struggles and social departments. For 2 or three hours, we can admire how the well-executed pick-and-roll is nearly impossible to defend. The conservative and the liberal, the black and white fan, everyone can connect to wanting we could be the slugger who carries a team, wishing we could feel, even for a minute, what it resembles to have such skill.

The players do not realize that the value they can singularly offer, the value that the consumer yearns for, is the sanctuary from turmoil. The sanctuary is disappearing. The players first invited the turmoil in, and now they are stoking it.

The Left ruins whatever.

The second involves why the Left is able to destroy whatever. Instead of protect the great will of their patriotic fan bases, spaghetti-spined Rob Manfred and Roger Goodell types try to calm the Left. They don’t seem to get that this is about power, not social justice, and thus that the appetite is never sated but grows by what it feeds on.

The plan always starts with a sweet-sounding premise that is completely asinine however that everyone consents to pretend is a self-evident truth. In this instance, that fact is that we need to motivate every qualified voter, no matter how ill-informed and apathetic, to vote– to the point, now, of trying to force them to register and cast a tally whether they wish to or not.

It’s ridiculous. It would be far much better if the franchise were not worked out by oblivious, civics-illiterate individuals, hypnotized by the flimflam that a great nation needs to be essentially changed instead of competently governed. Delegated their own gadgets, lots of such people would not even take note of elections, much less go through the effort to sign up and vote. Given that their participation is not handy, and because the effort needed for participation is currently very little, we should not be doing more to motivate their participation.

The avant garde desires you to think it cares about these people and “battles” for their voting rights in order to vindicate their interests. But the avant garde, the leaders of the Democratic Celebration, are in it for themselves. Sure, they enjoy “humanity,” however they don’t actually have much usage for people. They desire power. They understand the path to power in a democracy is to optimize the number of votes counted, so they press to expand the variety of registered citizens and offered ballots, then determine ways– many sadly legal, some not– to collect them … whereupon they can obtain and retain power, settle their interest groups, and enact policies that gut the potential customers for success of the very individuals for whom they pretend to eliminate.

It’s a video game, however it works due to the fact that the rest people have somehow concurred that everybody must vote– because, you understand, “racism.” If reasoning were allowed to interfere in propaganda, this would be deeply insulting, especially to black people, considering that the Left’s standard argument is that they are too backward to abide by simple voting requirements, such as signing up within liberal time frame and providing identification (which everyone requires to do to perform one of the most fundamental jobs of modern life). But we have actually been conditioned to think such typical sense might not be said, lest the media-Democrat complex portray us as the reincarnation of Jim Crow. So the Left wins the next round, and the next …

Basta! Ballot is a benefit. There are totalitarian societies in which people would crawl over damaged glass to do what, in our sloth, we’ve somehow decided is too challenging to do if you need to reveal a motorist’s license.

There has to be some allowance for absentee voting, as there always has actually been, due to the fact that there are genuine work and health demands that prevent individuals from appearing at the surveys. And we must make it physically simpler to vote– more polling locations, and perhaps make Election Day a two-or-three-day affair. However it must be presumptively necessary for people– if they select to vote, which they are under no obligation to do– to reveal up personally at the assigned area and show they are who they state they are in order to vote. States should be motivated to require that. If voting is as important as the Left says it is, individuals should be happy to exert the close-to-zero effort that is called for. Indeed, doing so is a source of pride for those who appreciate the nation.

Automatic registration, no-excuse absentee tallies, drop boxes, and no-ID arrangements have absolutely nothing to do with race. They have everything to do with Democrats developing more chances to cheat. When Democrats tell you 2021 is no various from 1950, which an ID requirement is just like a literacy test, they are saying they believe you’re a moron. Don’t be an idiot.

You can continue to pretend that the voting-rights con task has to do with “justice” and “equity,” not power. You can continue to spout rubbish about “participatory democracy” and making every voice be heard– it’s meaningless, however it sure looks terrific on a decal. Know this, though: If you yield the Left’s incorrect properties, all that stays is to work out the terms and timing of your ultimate surrender. And your every concession just emboldens the Delegated obtain the next concession.

The next thing you understand, the only location for a Midsummer “Classic” is the Upper West Side– presuming New york city can liberalize its voting laws so they come near Georgia’s standards.

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