Home Tech A nasty Outriders bug is entirely wiping inventories

A nasty Outriders bug is entirely wiping inventories


A nasty Outriders bug is completely cleaning inventories

The problem circumstance for a loot game has become a truth for some Outriders players. Numerous on the Outriders subreddit are reporting that their whole inventories have been cleaned of all equipment following a crash. Individuals Can Fly is conscious of the issue and has actually helped a couple of gamers recover their lost equipment, but there’s no word on when the bug will be fixed.People Can Fly

‘s list of recognized concerns recommends the specific reason for the stock wipe bug hasn’t been identified rather yet, but judging by gamer reports, it appears to have something to do with the video game crashing or disconnecting while leaving or signing up with another gamer’s video game. “The other day, I was having fun with pals and I got kicked with a connection mistake. I logged back in, and my stock is entirely gone, even things I had actually equipped,” reads a post from a_jacks_28.

This tragedy may sound familiar to those who played a lot of the Outriders demonstration. The very same problem seemed relatively widespread back then, too. Those affected by the wipe are discovering their inventory slots to be totally empty and some are even having actually difficulty gearing up stashed weapons, too. Plenty of individuals also appear to be playing multiplayer without concern as well, though I ‘d consider avoiding co-op up until this stops happening relatively at random.This is beginning to be actually frightening from r/outriders In the meantime, Individuals Can Fly is dealing with a better technique for bring back equipment to the unfortunate gamers who have actually lost their stuff.”We’re still figuring out whether the very best method would be a one-to-one consumer assistance team approach(which might be more accurate however would take a lot longer and may not be possible if there are numerous cases), or whether we are able to( as formerly)run a mass-one-off repair occasion through our backend. “A mass remediation would be the very best result, if feasible. I can’t imagine the frustration of losing lots of hours worth of loot since of a lame bug. In case you missed it, we published our final Outriders examine today and scored the looter shooter a 63%. Published at Wed, 07 Apr 2021 00:12:52 +0000